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Composing soundtracks for places from their unique sounds

In every moment of our life we are surrounded by numerous noises that we often perceive as noise. But it is up to us how we listen to these soundscapes. For example in a factory: a chorus of hundreds of mechanical processes in a machine hall, the multi-layered hum of the ventilation fans, the bubbling and gurgling from the depths of a tank ...
SoundWERK finds the music that lives within these sounds, crystallizes it and processes it into a unique and authentic composition.

what is SoundWERK?

SoundWERK is all about getting to know a place and its people who have created and designed it.
Together with filmmakers, we record sounds and videos, go into a joint creative process with the raw material, and compose a unique audiovisual experience

Video: Eric Wetzel;  Music and production: Jonas Urbat; Piano Peter-Philipp Röhm

music video

The sounds, the architecture, the arrangement of tools, colors and lighting describe how a place feels and express its character.
A SoundWERK video is a cinematic composition. It conveys the authentic feeling of the location and creates the basis for real appreciation.

live concert

In a concert at the sound location itself, for people who know this place inside out from everyday life, we play music with an ensemble or orchestra live to the electronically processed recordings. A combination of classical music with influences from jazz and electronics, elevated by light and video projection.
Any band and ensemble can be enriched by the electronic elements and can interact with rooms and halls.


The whole world is an instrument.
We tame the space of infinite sonic possibilities and build instruments out of microphones, foot pedals and tiny drum robots.
What happens when we build instruments out of spaces themselves? How can we develop new ways to control and shape sound using computer controlled electromechanic actuators?

Video: Open Strings Berlin;  Music and production: Jonas Urbat

Video: Christopher Bühler;  Music and production: Jonas Urbat; Piano: Peter-Philipp Röhm

Video: Nicolas Haumann; Music and production: Jonas Urbat, Maria Reich, Julia Bilat

Video: Marcel Alber, music and production: Jonas Urbat, Hiromu Seifert, Lisa Buchholz, Angelika Moser, Michasel Riemer, Samuel Schwenk

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Video: Nicolas Haumann, Hendrik Schacht; Music and production: Jonas Tamulionis, Jonas Urbat; Live performance: Martynas Levickis, Mikroorkéstra; Mixing: Samuel Schwenk

Video: Nicolas Haumann, Musik und Produktion: Jonas Urbat


the artist behind

Jonas Urbat, composer and music producer, studied in Stuttgart at the University of Music and Performing Arts and has since been active as a classical and improvising instrumentalist (tuba) as well as a music producer and sound designer across all genres.
For the production of the SoundWERK videos and concerts, depending on the concept, he works with a pool of filmmakers and musicians of a variety of genres.

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